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The Hero in Each of Us: Finding Your Role in Suicide Prevention

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Ninth District PTA has partnered with Rady Children’s Hospital to hold a county-wide forum for parents/guardians to learn, engage, and plan together to address the problem of youth suicide, specifically focused on young people between the ages of 10-19. This is a unique opportunity to learn what you can do for suicide prevention in your family and your community.


There is no charge to attend, but seats are limited – first come, first served – register early to insure you have a place. The event includes refreshments and a box lunch.


For online registration click the blue box here.

Click here to download a form for mail, phone and email registration. 


Parents from Ninth District PTA are invited to “The Hero in Each of Us: Finding Your Role in Suicide Prevention” to:

  • Understand the problem of youth suicide, locally and nationally
  • Learn about the signs, symptoms and risk factors of youth suicide.
  • Understand the various roles and responsibilities that parents and their families play in suicide prevention.
  • Understand current local and national policies related to youth suicide prevention
  • Discover available resources and how to access them.
  • Create a personal action plan.
  • Learn QPR and/or other suicide prevention/intervention techniques.
  • Understand typical age-related developmental stage and the importance of coping skill development in youth suicide prevention.
  • Learn what local schools are doing to address suicide.
  • Understand what youth wish their parents knew about being a young person in 2018

Click here to download a complete agenda for the day.


Rady EOB Parking map

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Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego (RCHSD) is located in the Linda Vista area, between the 163 and 805 freeways. The symposium will be held in the Education Office Building (EOB), 7960 Birmingham Drive, San Diego, CA 92123. Parking (map below) is limited, so car pooling is recommended.


Collaborative/Advisory Team

This event is brought to you by RCHSD and the following individuals:

  • Cheri Fidler, RCHSD
  • Barbara Ryan, RCHSD
  • Mary Beth Moran, RCHSD
  • Phyllis Hartigan, RCHSD
  • Aniela Glinski, RCHSD
  • Sandy Mueller, RCHSD
  • Jacquie Small, RCHSD
  • Glen Billman, RCHSD
  • Seema Shaw, RCHSD
  • Cambria Walsh, RCHSD
  • Desiree Shapiro, RCHSD
  • Sue King, Ninth District PTA
  • Derby Pattengill, Ninth District PTA
  • Helen Crenshaw, Ninth District PTA and RCHSD Family Advisory Council
  • Anett Lemke, Parent and RCHSD Family Advisory Council
  • Stan Collins, Suicide Prevention Specialist
  • Dana Richardson, CHIP

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