Ninth District PTA Grants

Ninth District PTA will be offering Program Grants to Unit and Council PTAs in good standing. These grants are to develop and implement programs and projects that support the PTA mission and goals.

Ninth District PTA grants are a one-time funding source.

Grants are available for programs in the following areas at the unit and council levels: health and welfare, parent and student education, and parent and student involvement.

Ninth District PTA grants are a one-time funding source and individual grant awards not to exceed $1000.

Units or councils must submit grant applications to the Ninth District PTA office by noon on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

Submit to Ninth District office: or or online via Google Forms by going to this link:

Last Spring the grant committee awarded the following PTA units grants to assist with programs at their schools for the 22-23 school year:

Casa de Oro PTA – $800 Grant for an after-school choral music program that was open to all grades (Transitional Kindergarten through sixth grade).

Hope Elementary School PTA – $800 Grant for a Compassion Day program that introduced neurotypical and “able-bodied” students to some of the challenges their peers navigate while trying to access the same education, demonstrating the necessity for modifications and accommodations for disabled students.

Lincoln Elementary PTA – $800 Grant for a community closet to have items of high demand readily available in the Family Center.  This helped assist with meeting the needs of students immediately without a delay. 

Logan Memorial PTSA – $800 Grant for an educational program to survey the campus climate and support the administrators, teachers, parents and students in cultivating a more welcoming and safe environment. Survey results were to be shared with the school community and Logan Memorial PTSA had planned to facilitate a series of three parent and student feedback sessions.

Mount Miguel PTSA – $800 Grant for a Black History Month program that included community speakers, a contest for students to submit original projects in several categories (dance, music film, literature, photography, visual arts), transportation to the SDSU Black Conference and more.

Rolando Elementary School PTA – $800 Grant for a program that was 6 weeks of ballroom dance lessons that ended with a dance showcase. Students participated in dance lessons to learn basic fundamentals and a choreographed dance they performed in front of their parents. In previous years, this program was for all 4th grade students. The students that are now in 5th and 6th grade were unable to participate in the 4th grade ballroom dance program due to the pandemic. The PTA approved a motion to include the 5th and 6th grade students this year which created an added expense.

Sage Creek High School PTSA – $400 Grant to help fund their series of College and Career Prep programs.

Sherman PTA – $800 Grant to fund and support the Science Club on campus.

If your PTA is interested in finding out more about how you can apply for grant opportunities for the 2023-24 school year, please contact Mary Patterson at

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