Francisco “Javier” Montijo, Ninth District PTA Parliamentarian

The parliamentarian assists the president with managing meetings, advises on parliamentary procedure, chairs the bylaws committee, and assists the nominating committee with the nomination and election process.

For more information please review the Parliamentarian Job Description.

Our new e-Bylaw Help Guide is here! Follow the step-by-step instructions on updating your bylaws online!

Please note any changes in e-bylaws requires a full resubmittal through the proper channels. Once returned from state PTA, they must be adopted by the association.

Bylaw Basics

Bylaws are designed to help your PTA function in an orderly manner. PTA bylaws describe the purpose of PTA and its mission, and members’ rights, in addition to officers, committees and their respective duties. A copy of the association’s Bylaws for the Local PTA/PTSA Units must be made available to any association member upon request. A copy should be provided to all officers and board members. Each executive board member is responsible for making a thorough study of them. For more information please visit – THE ESSENTIAL ROLE OF BYLAWS

Bylaw Review

Bylaws should be reviewed annually, and updated every five (5) years by the bylaws committee of the association, chaired by the parliamentarian. The procedures and instructions to complete the bylaws are found inside the front cover of each set of bylaws. Please refer to the bylaw review procedures.

Updating Your Unit Bylaws

When your PTA/PTSA begins updating the association bylaws use these documents.

The 2019 version of bylaws are very different than bylaws used in the past. Pay close attention to all of the procedures and instructions for an easy update.


The fun, fast, and easy to use electronic Bylaws Program is available for most units through California State PTA.

PTA e-Bylaws Program

Training Slides

Here are some handy resources for Parliamentarians

Parliamentary Authority

Roberts Rules

In addition to the association bylaws, Robert’s Rules also provide authority for our PTA work. Every PTA should have a copy of one or both versions of these books. The expense is a legitimate PTA expenditure.


 “The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED shall govern the National PTA and this association in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws, those of the California State PTA, the National PTA, the articles of incorporation and the California Nonprofit Corporation Law.”


Contact the Ninth District PTA office at or the Ninth District PTA Parliamentarian Francisco (Javier) Montijo at .

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