Parliamentarian’s Duties

The parliamentarian for the PTA is usually an appointed officer on the PTA executive board/committee and assists the president in preparing for meetings when requested.

The parliamentarian works conscientiously to understand parliamentary procedure in general and the PTA’s bylaws in particular. Since meetings operate smoother when the fairness and consideration of basic parliamentary procedure are followed, it is important the parliamentarian attend all meetings.  If the parliamentarian is absent, the president appoints a parliamentarian “pro tem” – for this time only.

To assist the president during the meeting, the parliamentarian may:

  • Provide advice on a question of parliamentary order.  Parliamentarians do not rule. Only the chair has the power to rule
  • Keep track of motions, amendments, voting, etc.
  • Keep track of members who wish to speak concerning a proposed action and the order in which they requested the floor

In addition, the parliamentarian may:

  • Make certain each member of the PTA board has a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules.
  • Review the bylaws and standing rules – at least every three years – and request the appointment of a review committee if it appears changes are required
  • Submit proposed bylaw amendments through council (if in council) and PTA district for forwarding to the California State PTA Parliamentarian for approval before adoption
  • Call the first meeting of the nominating committee and giving instructions on procedure.
  • Give instructions on voting procedure at the PTA annual meeting
  • Contact council (if in council) or PTA district parliamentarian with questions concerning parliamentary procedure
  • Attend workshops presented by council or PTA district parliamentarian

As an appointed officer, the parliamentarian does not have the authority to be listed as a signatory on the PTA’s financial accounts or to sign contracts.

Here are some handy resources for Parliamentarians

Parliamentary Authority

Roberts RulesIn addition to the association bylaws, Robert’s Rules also provide authority for our PTA work. Every PTA should have a copy of one or both versions of these books. The expense is a legitimate PTA expenditure.


 “The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED shall govern the National PTA and this association in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws, those of the California State PTA, the National PTA, the articles of incorporation and the California Nonprofit Corporation Law.”

California State PTA-E-BylawsProgram – fun, fast, easy, free (click to open)

Bylaws sent for review

This form must accompany all bylaws sent to Ninth District PTA for review (click to download .docx file). BylawsCoverReportForm

Ninth District Easy Steps for Bylaw Review checklist (click to open)

California State PTA Resources

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