How to Start a PTA At Your School

How exciting it is to be part of the largest child advocacy organization in the United States!

Want to start a PTA/PTSA at your school? Contact us. Ninth District PTA will help you through the process and looks forward to adding your members’ voices for children to the 800,000 members in California

We will help you by making sure all your paperwork is completed for 501(c)(3) non-profit status and training your new board for success on behalf of children and families in your community.

There are four basic steps

  1. PTA meetingAn Information Meeting – find out about PTA, ask questions, form committees.
  2. Bylaws Committee Meeting – led by PTA district leadership team members bylaws are written in coordination with the district parliamentarian or other district leadership.
  3. Nominating Committee Meeting – this committee nominates people to stand for election to be officers of the association. The election is held at the organization meeting.
  4. Gavel clipartOrganization Meeting – This meeting is chaired by Ninth District PTA leadership and includes these steps:
    a) Adoption of Bylaws
    b) Membership – dues are collected and membership cards are distributed
    c) Election of Officers

Please contact the Ninth District PTA Vice President for Leadership Services to schedule your first information meeting. Email

Please do not set a meeting date until you coordinate with us. We do our best to accommodate your schedule, but we need adequate time to be sure someone from our leadership team is available. We also like to bring PTA leaders from your community to this meeting.

We are looking forward to working with you and your group.

California State PTA Resources

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