National Prescription Drug Take Back Day – April 28

Prescription Drug Take Back Day on April 28, 10am – 2pm

Bring your unwanted drugs so they are disposed safely.  There are 41 locations around the county – click the flyer below for more information.

This opportunity is free. Most of the locations are operated as a drive through situation – quick, no questions asked. 


Youth Mental Health First Aid Course – May 16

Youth Mental Health First Aid flyerA young person you know could be experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis. You can help them.

Ninth District PTA in conjunction with the San Diego County Office of Education is pleased to offer our volunteers and supporters a FREE Youth Mental Health First Aid Training. This training is designed to empower you with a 5 step action plan to provide the initial help a young person experiencing an emotional crisis or mental health issue needs. Learn the signs to look for, and how to help by connecting that young person with the appropriate resources or professionals that can provide the assistance they need.

Spaces are limited – register early so you don’t miss out! Go to Access Code: PTA to reserve your seat at this important event. Click the flyer to the right for more details

Ninth District PTA Committees

Information and Interest Survey

Volunteers needed clip art

If you would like an opportunity to share your talents, work with fun people, and expand your PTA knowledge, please provide your name and contact info in the Survey Monkey below to be considered for one or more committee. We appreciate your interest in serving on a committee, but interest does not imply appointment. Thank you for understanding.

The online interest finder includes brief descriptions of Ninth District PTA committees and times when they are most active. The link for the online interest finder is

Stale Bylaws? Time to Update!

Updating bylaws is an important task for all associations and councils. But it is not a difficult task. The parliamentarian is the chairman of the committee.

Below are the articles and sections from unit bylaws on the process for updating bylaws.



Bylaws for this association shall be reviewed annually and updated at least every three years by the bylaws committee of this association.


Before adoption, all proposed amendments accompanied by the bylaws shall be submitted through channels to the California State PTA parliamentarian for approval. They also shall be approved by the California State PTA parliamentarian when there is a change of status (e.g., PTA changing to PTSA or when combining/dividing).


After the California State PTA parliamentarian has approved and signed amended bylaws, the process of adoption by the association must be completed. The association shall by a two-thirds (2/3) vote adopt amended bylaws at any association meeting provided written notice of the meeting was given at least 30 days prior to the date of the meeting to each member who, on the record date for the notice of the meeting, is entitled to vote at such meeting. (Note: If notice is provided by mail and the notice is not mailed by first-class, registered, or certified mail, such notice shall be given not less than 20 days before the meeting.) The notice shall contain the place, date and time of the meeting and the general nature of the business that the board, at the time of the notice, intends to present for action by the members, but any proper matter may be presented at the meeting for action.

Bylaws More Than Three Years Old

Click here for the list of associations and councils that have bylaws more than three years old. The date is determined by the signature date of the state PTA parliamentarian – not the date on the cover of the version used.

If assistance is needed, be in touch with the council parliamentarian or council president, if in council. If out of council, be in touch with the district parliamentarian or district president.