Thank you for taking the time to work with your PTA and school community as a PTA leader. Being a PTA leader can be exciting and rewarding, but it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming and complicated, but Ninth District PTA is here to help.

Need more?

If you are looking for answers, there are three other resources that will help you:

    1. Your bylaws/standing rules – ask your Parliamentarian for a copy
    2. The California State PTA Toolkit (link below)
    3. The Insurance and Loss Prevention Guide (sent to every PTA yearly)

You can also call your council or district officers for more help or to arrange a training for your entire PTA board.  If you are missing any of these resources, call our office and we will help.

Financial duties of the president

Remember that the president:

  • Must sign, with the secretary, all authorizations for payment
  • Is an authorized check signer and may sign checks as required
  • Appoints a budget committee.  This can happen as soon as the president is elected, even before taking office.  The treasurer chairs the budget committee and the president serves on the committee
  • Has all contracts and other legally binding documents approved by the executive board and the association before signing with another elected officer
  • Makes sure all financial due dates are met so that the association remains in good standing with the California State PTA.  Check with your council (if in council) or Ninth District PTA for these dates

Thank you for helping to make a difference for every child, we look forward to working with you.

California State PTA Resources

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