PTA Minutes and the Secretary

PTA Secretary book
PTA Secretary book

Minutes are entered into a bound book.  Minutes may be handwritten in permanent ink, typed, or computer generated. The original copy must be bound.  Minutes contain a record of action taken by the group, with that action recorded in the order it took place.

Personal opinion and discussion are not included.

Minutes should contain:

  • Name of the association and kind of meeting – association, executive board, special
  • Date, time and location of meeting
  • Name and title of presiding officer or pro tem
  • Attendance list
  • Disposition of minutes of previous meeting – whether read and approved/corrected, or reading postponed, including when and how they are to be approved
  • Statement of accounts as given and list of bills approved for payment
  • Summarized reports of other officers and chairmen, important reports such as the budget should be attached to the minutes
  • Record of each motion voted upon, the name of member who made the motion, and whether adopted or defeated; if counted vote requested, the number for and against the motion; if a two/thirds vote was required; i.e., for bylaws changes, it must be noted after the outcome of the motion
  • Copy of any resolutions adopted
  • Brief notation of program topic, names of participants, and method of presentation
  • Time of adjournment
  • Signature of secretary, using own given name and date approved, added at the next meeting.

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