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PTA CouncilPTA NameSchool NameSchool AddressCityZipSchool PhoneSchool Website
OUT-9 CouncilBoulder Oaks Elementary PTABoulder Oaks Elementary2320 Tavern RoadAlpine91901-3134(619) 445-8676
OUT-9 CouncilShadow Hills Elementary PTAShadow Hills Elementary8770 Harbison Canyon RoadAlpine91901-2615(619) 445-2977
OUT-9 CouncilCreekside PTACreekside Early Learning Center8818 Harbison Canyon RoadAlpine91901-2616(619) 659-8250
OUT-9 CouncilBonsall Primary Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.Bonsall Elementary31555 Old River RoadBonsall92003-5112(760) 631-5205
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsBuena Vista Elementary School PTABuena Vista Elementary1330 Buena Vista WayCarlsbad92008-1535(760) 331-5400
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsValley Middle School PTAValley Middle1645 Magnolia AvenueCarlsbad92008-2626(760) 331-5300
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsMagnolia Elementary PTAMagnolia Elementary1905 Magnolia AvenueCarlsbad92008-2632(760) 331-5600
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsPoinsettia Elementary PTAPoinsettia Elementary2445 Mica RoadCarlsbad92009-1733(760) 331-6500
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsHope Elementary PTAHope Elementary3010 Tamarack AvenueCarlsbad92008-2430(760) 331-5900
North Coastal Council of PTAsLa Costa Heights Elementary PTALa Costa Heights Elementary3035 Levante StreetCarlsbad92009-8331(760) 944-4375
North Coastal Council of PTAsMission Estancia Elementary PTAMission Estancia Elementary3330 Calle BarcelonaCarlsbad92009-9319(760) 943-2004
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsCarlsbad High School PTSACarlsbad High3557 Monroe StreetCarlsbad92008-2729(760) 331-5100
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsJefferson Elementary PTAJefferson Elementary3743 Jefferson StreetCarlsbad92008-3336(760) 331-5500
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsSage Creek High School PTSASage Creek High3900 Bobcat BoulevardCarlsbad92010-5573(760) 331-6600
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsCalavera Hills Elementary PTACalavera Hills Elementary4100 Tamarack AvenueCarlsbad92008-7101(760) 331-6300
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsCalavera Hills Middle School PTSACalavera Hills Middle4104 Tamarack AvenueCarlsbad92008-7101(760) 331-6400
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsKelly Elementary PTAKelly Elementary4885 Kelly DriveCarlsbad92008-3734(760) 331-5800
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsAviara Oaks Middle School PTSAAviara Oaks Middle6880 Ambrosia LaneCarlsbad92011-5057(760) 331-6100
Carlsbad Unified Council of PTAsAviara Oaks Elementary PTAAviara Oaks Elementary6900 Ambrosia LaneCarlsbad92009-2430(760) 331-6000
North Coastal Council of PTAsEl Camino Creek Elementary PTAEl Camino Creek Elementary7885 Paseo AlisoCarlsbad92009-9028(760) 943-2051
North Coastal Council of PTAsOlivenhain Pioneer Elementary PTAOlivenhain Pioneer Elementary8000 Calle AcervoCarlsbad92009-8900(760) 943-2000
Sweetwater Secondary Council of PTSAsEastlake PTSAEastlake High1120 Eastlake ParkwayChula Vista91915-2102(619) 397-3800
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsJoseph Casillas Elementary School PTACasillas (Joseph) Elementary1130 East J StreetChula Vista91910-7164(619) 421-7555
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsCorky McMillin Elementary PTAMcMillin (Corky) Elementary1201 Santa Cora AvenueChula Vista91913-1799(619) 397-0103
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsFred H. Rohr Elementary PTARohr (Fred H.) Elementary1540 Malta AvenueChula Vista91911-5999(619) 420-5533
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsVeterans Elementary PTAVeterans Elementary1550 Magdalena AvenueChula Vista91913-3948(619) 216-1226
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsOtay Ranch Academy for the Arts PTAPacific Springs Charter1615 Mater Dei DriveChula Vista91913-3953(951) 252-8800
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsEnrique S. Camarena Elementary PTACamarena (Enrique S.) Elementary1650 Exploration Falls DriveChula Vista91915-1961(619) 591-5500
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsBurton C. Tiffany Elementary PTATiffany (Burton C.) Elementary1691 Elmhurst StreetChula Vista91913-2612(619) 421-6300
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsWolf Canyon Elementary PTAWolf Canyon Elementary1950 Wolf Canyon LoopChula Vista91913-3948(619) 482-8877
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsEastlake Elementary PTAEastLake Elementary1955 Hillside DriveChula Vista91913-1263(619) 421-4798
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsDr. Karl H. Kellogg Elementary PTAKellogg (Karl H.) Elementary229 East Naples StreetChula Vista91911-2399(619) 420-4151
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsArroyo Vista Charter School PTAArroyo Vista Charter2491 School House RoadChula Vista91915-2534(619) 656-9676
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsCastle Park Elementary PTACastle Park Elementary25 Emerson StreetChula Vista91910-3309(619) 422-5301
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsHilltop Drive Elementary PTAHilltop Drive Elementary30 Murray StreetChula Vista91910-6020(619) 422-8323
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsLauderbach PTALauderbach (J. Calvin) Elementary390 Palomar StreetChula Vista91911-3182(619) 422-1127
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsClear View Elementary PTAClear View455 Windrose WayChula Vista91910-7400(619) 498-3000
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsHalecrest Elementary PTAHalecrest Elementary475 East J StreetChula Vista91910-6499(619) 421-0771
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsGreg Rogers Elementary PTARogers (Greg) Elementary510 East Naples StreetChula Vista91911-2519(619) 656-2082
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsParkview Elementary PTAParkview Elementary575 Juniper StreetChula Vista91911-3826(619) 421-5483
Sweetwater Secondary Council of PTSAsBonita Vista Middle PTSABonita Vista Middle650 Otay Lakes RoadChula Vista91910-6910(619) 397-2200
Sweetwater Secondary Council of PTSAsBonita Vista High PTSABonita Vista Senior High751 Otay Lakes RoadChula Vista91913-2004(619) 397-2000
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsRosebank Elementary PTARosebank Elementary80 Flower StreetChula Vista91911-1997(619) 422-8329
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsHazel Goes Cook Elementary PTACook (Hazel Goes) Elementary875 Cuyamaca AvenueChula Vista91911-1501(619) 422-8381
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsLilian J. Rice Elementary PTARice (Lilian J.) Elementary915 Fourth AvenueChula Vista91911-2098(619) 420-7071
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsHedenkamp PTAHedenkamp (Anne and William) Elementary930 East PalomarChula Vista91913-2895(619) 397-5828
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsChula Vista Hills Elementary PTAChula Vista Hills Elementary980 Buena Vista WayChula Vista91910-7133(619) 482-7066
North Coastal Council of PTAsDel Mar Heights PTADel Mar Heights Elementary13555 Boquita DriveDel Mar92014-3453(858) 755-9367
North Coastal Council of PTAsDel Mar Hills Academy of Arts and Science PTADel Mar Hills Elementary14085 Mango DriveDel Mar92014-0640(858) 755-9763
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsEl Cajon Valley High School PTSAEl Cajon Valley High1035 East Madison AvenueEl Cajon92021-6226(619) 579-5855
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsLexington Elementary PTALexington Elementary1145 Redwood AvenueEl Cajon92019-4739(619) 588-3075No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsFuerte Elementary PTAFuerte Elementary11625 Fuerte DriveEl Cajon92020-8309(619) 588-3134No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsRancho San Diego Elementary PTARancho San Diego Elementary12151 Calle AlbaraEl Cajon92019-4825(619) 588-3211No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsHillsdale Middle PTAHillsdale Middle1301 Brabham StreetEl Cajon92019-4374(619) 441-6156No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsBostonia Language Academy PTABostonia Language Academy1390 East BroadwayEl Cajon92021-5812(619) 588-3121No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsRios Elementary PTARios Elementary14314 Rios Canyon RoadEl Cajon92021-2725(619) 588-3090No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsMontgomery Middle School PTSAMontgomery Middle1570 Melody LaneEl Cajon92019-2015(619) 588-3107No Data
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsIDEA Center High School PTSAIDEA Center1600 North Cuyamaca StreetEl Cajon92020-1187(619) 956-4332
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsMadison Avenue Elementary PTAMadison Avenue Elementary1615 East Madison AvenueEl Cajon92019-1046(619) 588-3077No Data
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsGranite Hills High PTSAGranite Hills High1719 East Madison AvenueEl Cajon92019-1052(619) 593-5500
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsVista Grande Elementary PTAVista Grande Elementary1908 Vista Grande RoadEl Cajon92019-3823(619) 588-3170No Data
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsPepper Drive School PTAPepper Drive Elementary1935 Marlinda WayEl Cajon92020-1155(619) 956-5100
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsCrest Elementary PTACrest Elementary2000 Suncrest BoulevardEl Cajon92021-4249(619) 558-3128No Data
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsFletcher Hills Elementary PTAFletcher Hills Elementary2330 Center PlaceEl Cajon92020-2809(619) 668-5820
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsJamacha Elementary PTAJamacha Elementary2962 Jamul DriveEl Cajon92019-4640(619) 441-6150No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsMagnolia Elementary PTAMagnolia Elementary650 Greenfield DriveEl Cajon92021-2957(619) 588-3080No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsMeridian Elementary PTAMeridian Elementary651 South Third StreetEl Cajon92019-2517(619) 588-3083No Data
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsLos Coches Creek Middle School PTALos Coches Creek Middle9669 Dunbar LaneEl Cajon92021-2619(619) 441-5741No Data
OUT-9 CouncilMcKinley Elementary PTAMcKinley Elementary1177 North Eighth StreetEl Centro92243-1721(760) 352-3225
OUT-9 CouncilSneaker Pride PTADesert Garden Elementary1900 South Sixth StreetEl Centro92243-4463(760) 352-2051
OUT-9 CouncilSunflower PTASunflower Elementary2450 Main StreetEl Centro92243-3577(760) 337-4890
OUT-9 CouncilHedrick Elementary PTAMargaret Hedrick Elementary550 South Waterman AvenueEl Centro92243-3139(760) 352-4750
OUT-9 CouncilHarding PTAHarding Elementary950 South Seventh StreetEl Centro92243-3919(760) 352-4791
North Coastal Council of PTAsFlora Vista Elementary PTAFlora Vista Elementary1690 Wandering RoadEncinitas92024-2417(760) 944-4329
North Coastal Council of PTAsPaul Ecke Central PTAPaul Ecke-Central Elementary185 Union StreetEncinitas92024-2119(760) 944-4323
North Coastal Council of PTAsPark Dale Lane Elementary PTAPark Dale Lane Elementary2050 Park Dale LaneEncinitas92024-4324(760) 944-4344
North Coastal Council of PTAsDiegueno Middle School PTSADiegueno Middle2150 Village Park WayEncinitas92024-5400(760) 944-1892No Data
North Coastal Council of PTAsOcean Knoll PTAOcean Knoll Elementary910 Melba RoadEncinitas92024-3901(760) 944-4351
North Coastal Council of PTAsCapri Elementary PTACapri Elementary941 Capri RoadEncinitas92024-1214(760) 944-4360
Escondido Council of PTAsLincoln Elementary PTALincoln Elementary1029 North BroadwayEscondido92026-3043(760) 432-2466
Escondido Council of PTAsBernardo Elementary PTABernardo Elementary1122 Mountain Heights DriveEscondido92029-5634(760) 432-2700
Escondido Council of PTAsRock Springs Elementary PTARock Springs Elementary1155 Deodar RoadEscondido92026-2200(760) 432-2284
Escondido Council of PTAsCentral Elementary PTACentral Elementary122 West Fourth AvenueEscondido92025-4134(760) 432-2431
Escondido Council of PTAsConway Elementary PTAConway Elementary1325 Conway DriveEscondido92027-1629(760) 432-2435
Escondido Council of PTAsDel Dios Academy PTADel Dios Academy of Arts and Sciences1400 West Ninth AvenueEscondido92025-2204(760) 432-2439
Escondido Council of PTAsJuniper Elementary PTAJuniper Elementary1809 South Juniper StreetEscondido92025-6240(760) 432-2462
Escondido Council of PTAsOak Hill Elementary PTAOak Hill Elementary1820 Oak Hill DriveEscondido92027-1629(760) 432-2483
Escondido Council of PTAsMiller School PTAMiller Elementary1975 Miller AvenueEscondido92025-5932(760) 432-2470
Escondido Council of PTAsGlen View PTAGlen View Elementary2201 East Mission AvenueEscondido92027-1629(760) 432-2448
Escondido Council of PTAsNorth Broadway Elementary PTANorth Broadway Elementary2301 North BroadwayEscondido92026-1412(760) 432-2479
Escondido Council of PTAsHidden Valley PTSAHidden Valley Middle2700 Reed RoadEscondido92027-1629(760) 432-2457
Escondido Council of PTAsOrange Glen Elementary PTAOrange Glen Elementary2861 Valley ParkwayEscondido92027-2930(760) 432-2487
Escondido Council of PTAsReidy Creek PTAReidy Creek Elementary2869 North BroadwayEscondido92026-8802(760) 739-5800
Escondido Council of PTAsBear Valley Middle School PTABear Valley Middle3003 Bear Valley ParkwayEscondido92025-7618(760) 432-4060
Escondido Council of PTAsQuantum Academy PTAQuantum Academy420 North Falconer RoadEscondido92027-5331(760) 432-2220
Escondido Council of PTAsFelicita Elementary PTAFelicita Elementary737 West 13th AvenueEscondido92025-5510(760) 432-2444
Escondido Council of PTAsRose PTARose Elementary906 North Rose AvenueEscondido92027-1629(760) 432-2495
Escondido Council of PTAsRincon Bulldogs PTSARincon Middle925 Lehner AvenueEscondido92026-1512(760) 432-2491
Escondido Council of PTAsFarr PTAFarr Avenue Elementary933 Farr AvenueEscondido92026-3121(760) 735-3049
Escondido Council of PTAsMission Middle PTSAMission Middle939 East Mission AvenueEscondido92026-2216(760) 432-2452
Escondido Council of PTAsPioneer Elementary PTAPioneer Elementary980 North Ash StreetEscondido92027-1629(760) 432-2412
OUT-9 CouncilPotter Jr. High PTAJames E. Potter Intermediate1743 Reche RoadFallbrook92028-2108(760) 731-4150
OUT-9 CouncilWilliam H. Frazier Elementary School PTSAWilliam H. Frazier Elementary1835 Gum Tree LaneFallbrook92028-2108(760) 731-4340No Data
OUT-9 CouncilLive Oak Elementary PTALive Oak Elementary1978 Reche RoadFallbrook92028-2108(760) 731-4430
OUT-9 CouncilFallbrook Union High School PTSAFallbrook High2400 South Stage Coach LaneFallbrook92028-4429(760) 723-6300No Data
OUT-9 CouncilFallbrook Homeschool Academy PTAFallbrook Homeschool Academy300 Heald LaneFallbrook92028-2108(760) 731-4220
OUT-9 CouncilLa Paloma Elementary School PTALa Paloma Elementary300 Heald LaneFallbrook92028-2108(760) 731-4220
OUT-9 CouncilMaie Ellis PTSAMaie Ellis Elementary400 West Elder StreetFallbrook92028-2108(760) 731-4132
OUT-9 CouncilFallbrook Street School PTSAFallbrook STEM Academy405 West Fallbrook StreetFallbrook92028-2108(760) 731-4000
OUT-9 CouncilMike Choate Early Childhood Education Center PTAMike Choate Early Childhood Education Center407 South Mission RoadFallbrook92028-2898(760) 760-6959
South Bay Council of PTAsCentral Elementary PTACentral Elementary1290 Ebony AvenueImperial Beach91932-2920(619) 628-5000No Data
South Bay Council of PTAsOneonta Elementary PTAOneonta Elementary1311 Tenth StreetImperial Beach91932-3403(619) 628-8600No Data
South Bay Council of PTAsBayside Elementary PTABayside STEAM Academy490 Emory StreetImperial Beach91932-1524(619) 628-2500No Data
Sweetwater Secondary Council of PTSAsMar Vista High School PTSAMar Vista Senior High505 Elm AvenueImperial Beach91932-2027(619) 628-5700No Data
South Bay Council of PTAsImperial Beach Charter PTAImperial Beach Charter650 Imperial Beach BoulevardImperial Beach91932-2706(619) 628-5600
OUT-9 CouncilOak Grove Middle PTSAOak Grove Middle14344 Olive Vista DriveJamul91935-3223(619) 669-2700
OUT-9 CouncilJamul Elementary PTAJamul Elementary14567 Lyons Valley RoadJamul91935-3324(619) 669-7800
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsLa Jolla High PTSALa Jolla High750 Nautilus StreetLa Jolla92037-6103(858) 634-8000
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsThe Preuss School UCSD PTAPreuss School UCSD9500 Gilman DriveLa Jolla92093-0536(858) 822-3000
Cajon Valley Council of PTAsAvocado Elementary PTAAvocado Elementary3845 Avocado School RoadLa Mesa91941-7319(619) 588-3100No Data
Lemon Grove Council of PTAsVista La Mesa Elementary PTAVista La Mesa Academy3900 Violet StreetLa Mesa91941-7542(619) 825-5645No Data
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsLa Mesa Arts Academy PTSALa Mesa Arts Academy4200 Parks AvenueLa Mesa91942-6212(619) 668-5730
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsGlenn E. Murdock Elementary PTAMurdock Elementary4354 Conrad DriveLa Mesa91941-5214(619) 668-5775
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsLa Mesa Dale Elementary PTALa Mesa Dale Elementary4370 Parks AvenueLa Mesa91941-5214(619) 668-5740
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsMaryland Avenue Elementary PTAMaryland Avenue Elementary5400 Maryland AvenueLa Mesa91941-5214(619) 668-5744
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsRolando Elementary PTARolando Elementary6925 Tower StreetLa Mesa91941-5214(619) 668-5800
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsHelix Charter High PTSAHelix High7323 University AvenueLa Mesa91941-6055(619) 466-4194
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsMurray Manor Elementary PTAMurray Manor Elementary8305 El Paso StreetLa Mesa91942-2704(619) 668-5865
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsLemon Avenue Elementary PTALemon Avenue Elementary8787 Lemon AvenueLa Mesa91941-5214(619) 668-5835No Data
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsParkway Middle PTSAParkway Middle9009 Park Plaza DriveLa Mesa91942-3400(619) 668-5810
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsNorthmont Elementary PTANorthmont Elementary9405 Gregory StreetLa Mesa91942-3811(619) 668-5830
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsEl Capitan High School PTSAEl Capitan High10410 Ashwood StreetLakeside92040-2406(619) 938-9100
Lakeside Council of PTAsLakeside Middle PTSALakeside Middle11833 Woodside AvenueLakeside92040-0578(619) 390-2636
Lakeside Council of PTAsLakeside Farms PTALakeside Farms Elementary11915 Lakeside AvenueLakeside92040-0578(619) 390-2646
Lakeside Council of PTAsLemon Crest Elementary PTALemon Crest Elementary12463 Lemon Crest DriveLakeside92040-0578(619) 390-2527
Lakeside Council of PTAsLindo Park Elementary PTALindo Park Elementary12824 Lakeshore DriveLakeside92040-0578(619) 390-2656
Lakeside Council of PTAsLakeview Elementary PTALakeview Elementary9205 Lakeview RoadLakeside92040-0578(619) 390-2652
Lakeside Council of PTAsRiverview Elementary PTSARiverview Elementary9308 Winter Gardens BoulevardLakeside92040-4539(619) 390-2662
Lakeside Council of PTAsTierra del Sol Middle PTSATierra del Sol Middle9611 Petite LaneLakeside92040-4317(619) 390-2670
Lemon Grove Council of PTAsSan Altos Elementary PTASan Altos Elementary1750 Madera StreetLemon Grove91945-2515(619) 825-5621No Data
Lemon Grove Council of PTAsSan Miguel Elementary PTASan Miguel Elementary7059 San Miguel AvenueLemon Grove91945-2515(619) 825-5619No Data
Lemon Grove Council of PTAsMonterey Heights Elementary PTAMonterey Heights Elementary7550 Canton DriveLemon Grove91945-2515(619) 825-5633No Data
Lemon Grove Council of PTAsLemon Grove Academy for the Sciences & Humanities PTALemon Grove Academy for the Sciences and Humanities7866 Lincoln StreetLemon Grove91945-2542(619) 825-5628No Data
Lemon Grove Council of PTAsMt. Vernon Elementary PTAMt. Vernon8350 Mount Vernon StreetLemon Grove91945-3336(619) 825-5613No Data
OUT-9 CouncilRancho de la Nacion PTARancho de la Nacion1830 East Division StreetNational City91950-1850(619) 336-8100No Data
OUT-9 CouncilLas Palmas PTALas Palmas1900 East 18th StreetNational City91950-5013(619) 336-8500No Data
OUT-9 CouncilEl Toyon PTAEl Toyon Elementary2000 East Division StreetNational City91950-1823(619) 336-8000No Data
OUT-9 CouncilLincoln Acres PTALincoln Acres2200 Lanoitan AvenueNational City91950-6298(619) 336-8600No Data
OUT-9 CouncilOlivewood PTAOlivewood2505 F AvenueNational City91950-7017(619) 336-8700No Data
OUT-9 CouncilPalmer Way PTAPalmer Way2900 Palmer StreetNational City91950-5251(619) 336-8900No Data
OUT-9 CouncilKimball Dual Language School PTAKimball302 West 18th StreetNational City91950-5526(619) 336-8300No Data
OUT-9 CouncilIra Harbison PTAIra Harbison3235 EastEighth StreetNational City91950-3116(619) 336-8200No Data
OUT-9 CouncilJohn A. Otis PTAJohn A. Otis Elementary621 East 18th StreetNational City91950-4630(619) 336-8800No Data
OUT-9 CouncilCentral PTACentral Elementary933 E AvenueNational City91950-3416(619) 336-7400No Data
OUT-9 CouncilSanta Margarita School PTSASanta Margarita Elementary1 Carnes RoadOceanside92058-6699(760) 901-7900
OUT-9 CouncilMary Fay Pendleton PTSAMary Fay Pendleton Elementary110 Marine DriveOceanside92058-8234(760) 731-4050
Vista Unified Council of PTAsMission Vista High PTSAMission Vista High1306 Melrose DriveOceanside92057-4649(760) 758-6800
Vista Unified Council of PTAsT.H.E. Leadership Academy PTAT.H.E Leadership Academy1550 Temple Heights DriveOceanside92056-3066(760) 631-6242
OUT-9 CouncilLincoln Middle School PTSALincoln Middle2000 California StreetOceanside92054-5683(760) 901-8900
OUT-9 CouncilSan Luis Rey PTASan Luis Rey Elementary3535 Hacienda DriveOceanside92054-3854(760) 721-2300
OUT-9 CouncilLouise Foussat Elementary PTALouise Foussat Elementary3800 Pala RoadOceanside92058-0678(760) 721-2200
Vista Unified Council of PTAsEmpresa Elementary PTAEmpresa Elementary4850 Avenida EmpresaOceanside92056-6541(760) 940-8454
Vista Unified Council of PTAsMadison Middle PTAMadison Middle4930 Lake BoulevardOceanside92056-4749(760) 940-0176
Vista Unified Council of PTAsLake Elementary PTALake Elementary4950 Lake BoulevardOceanside92056-4749(760) 945-5300
OUT-9 CouncilBonsall West PTABonsall West Elementary5050 El Mirlo DriveOceanside92057-2704(760) 721-8001
Vista Unified Council of PTAsAlamosa Park Elementary PTAAlamosa Park Elementary5130 Alamosa Park DriveOceanside92057-6301(760) 940-0700
Vista Unified Council of PTAsMission Meadows Elementary PTAMission Meadows Elementary5657 Spur AvenueOceanside92056-5714(760) 630-7884
OUT-9 CouncilJefferson Middle School PTAJefferson Middle823 Acacia StreetOceanside92058-2305(760) 966-4700
Vista Unified Council of PTAsRoosevelt Middle PTARoosevelt Middle850 Sagewood DriveOceanside92057-6937(760) 726-8003
Palomar Council of PTAsMeadowbrook Middle School PTSAMeadowbrook Middle12320 Meadowbrook LanePoway92064-3599(858) 748-0802
Palomar Council of PTAsValley Elementary PTAValley Elementary13000 Bowron RoadPoway92064-5799(858) 748-2007
Palomar Council of PTAsMidland Elementary PTAMidland Elementary13910 Midland RoadPoway92064-4024(858) 748-0047
Palomar Council of PTAsGarden Road Elementary PTAGarden Road Elementary14614 Garden RoadPoway92064-5299(858) 748-0230
Palomar Council of PTAsTwin Peaks Middle School PTSATwin Peaks Middle14640 Tierra Bonita RoadPoway92064-3091(858) 748-5131
Palomar Council of PTAsTierra Bonita Elementary PTATierra Bonita Elementary14678 Tierra Bonita RoadPoway92064-3090(858) 748-8540
Palomar Council of PTAsPoway High PTSAPoway High15500 Espola RoadPoway92064-2299(858) 748-0245
Palomar Council of PTAsPainted Rock Elementary PTAPainted Rock Elementary16711 Martincoit RoadPoway92064-1628(858) 487-1180
Sun Valley Council of PTAsRamona Community School PTSARamona Community1010 Ramona StreetRamona92065-2207Information Not AvailableNo Data
Sun Valley Council of PTAsRamona High School PTSARamona High1401 Hanson LaneRamona92065-3304(760) 787-4000
Sun Valley Council of PTAsOlive Peirce Middle School PTSAOlive Peirce Middle1521 Hanson LaneRamona92065-3306(760) 787-2400No Data
Sun Valley Council of PTAsMt. Woodson Elementary PTSAMt. Woodson Elementary17427 Archie Moore RoadRamona92065-6907(760) 788-5120No Data
Sun Valley Council of PTAsBarnett Elementary PTABarnett Elementary23925 Couna WayRamona92065-4120(760) 787-3500No Data
Sun Valley Council of PTAsJames Dukes Elementary PTAJames Dukes Elementary24908 Abalar WayRamona92065-4649(760) 788-5060No Data
Sun Valley Council of PTAsHanson Elementary PTAHanson Elementary2520 Boundary AvenueRamona92065-3106(760) 787-2100
Sun Valley Council of PTAsRamona Elementary PTARamona Elementary415 Eighth StreetRamona92065-2346(760) 787-4400No Data
OUT-9 CouncilSan Onofre Elementary PTASan Onofre Elementary200 Pate RoadSan Clemente92672-2517(760) 731-4360
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsMason Elementary PTAMason Elementary10340 San Ramon DriveSan Diego92126-3235(858) 271-0410
North Coastal Council of PTAsTorrey Hills Elementary PTATorrey Hills10830 Calle Mar de MariposaSan Diego92130-8657(858) 481-4266
Palomar Council of PTAsMorning Creek Elementary PTAMorning Creek Elementary10925 Morning Creek Drive, SouthSan Diego92128-4047(858) 748-4334
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsLeif Ericson Elementary PTAEricson Elementary11174 Westonhill DriveSan Diego92126-1943(858) 271-0505
North Coastal Council of PTAsOcean Air Elementary PTAOcean Air11444 Canter Heights DriveSan Diego92130-6974(858) 481-4040
Palomar Council of PTAsShoal Creek PTAShoal Creek Elementary11775 Shoal Creek DriveSan Diego92128-4573(858) 613-9080
North Coastal Council of PTAsCarmel Del Mar PTACarmel Del Mar Elementary12345 Carmel Park DriveSan Diego92130-2222(858) 481-6789
Palomar Council of PTAsCreekside Elementary PTACreekside Elementary12362 Springhurst DriveSan Diego92128-6366(858) 391-1514
Sweetwater Secondary Council of PTSAsVikings PTSAMar Vista Academy1267 Thermal AvenueSan Diego92154-2802(619) 628-5100
Palomar Council of PTAsBernardo Heights Middle School PTSABernardo Heights Middle12990 Paseo LucidoSan Diego92128-4479(858) 485-4850
Palomar Council of PTAsRancho Bernardo High PTSARancho Bernardo High13010 Paseo LucidoSan Diego92128-4499(858) 485-4800
North Coastal Council of PTAsAshley Falls School PTAAshley Falls Elementary13030 Ashley Falls DriveSan Diego92130-3717(858) 259-7812
Palomar Council of PTAsDeer Canyon Elementary PTADeer Canyon Elementary13455 Russet Leaf LaneSan Diego92129-4411(858) 484-6064
Palomar Council of PTAsWestview PTSAWestview High13500 Camino Del SurSan Diego92129-4465(858) 780-2000
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsJohnson Magnet School for STEM PTAJohnson Elementary1355 Kelton RoadSan Diego92114-1229(619) 344-4900No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsSan Diego High School PTSASan Diego International Studies1405 Park BoulevardSan Diego92101-4722(619) 525-7464
Palomar Council of PTAsLos Penasquitos Elementary PTALos Penasquitos Elementary14125 Cuca StreetSan Diego92129-1852(858) 672-3600
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsGrant School PTAGrant K-81425 Washington PlaceSan Diego92103-1792(619) 293-4420
South Bay Council of PTAsNestor Language Academy Charter PTANestor Language Academy Charter1455 Hollister StreetSan Diego92154-4063(619) 628-0900
Palomar Council of PTAsWillow Grove Elementary PTAWillow Grove Elementary14727 Via AzulSan Diego92127-4813(858) 674-6300
Palomar Council of PTAsHighland Ranch Elementary PTAHighland Ranch Elementary14840 Waverley Downs WaySan Diego92128-3702(858) 674-4707
Palomar Council of PTAsDel Sur PTADel Sur Elementary15665 Paseo Del SurSan Diego92127-6144(858) 674-6200
Palomar Council of PTAsOak Valley Middle School PTSAOak Valley Middle16055 Winecreek RoadSan Diego92127-3719(858) 487-2939
Palomar Council of PTAsStone Ranch Elementary PTAStone Ranch Elementary16150 4S Ranch ParkwaySan Diego92127-4431(858) 487-8474
Palomar Council of PTAsDel Norte PTSADel Norte High16601 Nighthawk LaneSan Diego92127-4457(858) 487-0877
Palomar Council of PTAsWestwood Elementary PTAWestwood Elementary17449 Matinal RoadSan Diego92127-1299(858) 487-2026
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsRowan PTARowan Elementary1755 Rowan StreetSan Diego92105-5631(619) 344-3400No Data
South Bay Council of PTAsEmory Academy of Global Leadership and Empowerment PTAEmory Elementary1915 Coronado AvenueSan Diego92154-2021(619) 628-5300No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsStephen Watts Kearny High PTSAKearny School of Biomedical Science and Technology1954 Komet WaySan Diego92111-5731(858) 221-5300
South Bay Council of PTAsGodfrey G. Berry Elementary PTAGodfrey G. Berry Elementary2001 Rimbey StreetSan Diego92154-3032(619) 628-3500No Data
South Bay Council of PTAsMendoza PTATeofilo Mendoza2050 Coronado AvenueSan Diego92154-2034(619) 424-0100No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsBay Park Elementary PTABay Park Elementary2433 Denver StreetSan Diego92110-3338(619) 276-1471
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsBarnard PTABarnard Elementary2445 Fogg StreetSan Diego92109-4855(858) 800-5700No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsMontgomery STEAM Magnet PTSAMontgomery Middle2470 Ulric StreetSan Diego92111-6099(858) 397-6600
South Bay Council of PTAsSunnyslope Elementary PTASunnyslope Elementary2500 Elm AvenueSan Diego92154-1498(619) 628-8800No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsOak Park Elementary PTAOak Park Elementary2606 54th StreetSan Diego92105-4999(619) 344-5000
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsJohn Paul Jones Elementary PTAJones Elementary2751 Greyling DriveSan Diego92123-2836(858) 496-8140
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsWilliam Penn Elementary PTAPenn Elementary2797 Utica DriveSan Diego92139-3843(619) 430-1700
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsA. Hamilton Heroes PTAHamilton Elementary2807 Fairmount AvenueSan Diego92105-4635(619) 344-6800
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsSherman Academy PTASherman Elementary301 22nd StreetSan Diego92102-2918(619) 615-7000No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsCubberley PTACubberley Elementary3201 Marathon DriveSan Diego92123-2638(858) 496-8075
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsGeorge Washington Carver Elementary PTACarver Elementary3251 Juanita StreetSan Diego92105-3807(619) 344-6600No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsWilliam P. Toler Elementary PTAToler Elementary3350 Baker StreetSan Diego92117-6017(858) 273-0294
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsHarry Wegeforth Elementary PTAWegeforth Elementary3443 Ediwhar AvenueSan Diego92123-2207(858) 987-5900
North Coastal Council of PTAsSolana Highlands Elementary PTASolana Highlands Elementary3520 Long Run DriveSan Diego92130-1808(858) 794-4300No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsCherokee Point PTACherokee Point Elementary3735 38th StreetSan Diego92105-2414(619) 641-3400
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsJefferson I. B. PTAJefferson Elementary3770 Utah StreetSan Diego92104-3532(619) 344-3300No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsGeorge Marston Middle PTSAMarston Middle3799 Clairemont DriveSan Diego92117-5915(858) 810-7500
North Coastal Council of PTAsCarmel Valley Middle School PTSACarmel Valley Middle3800 Mykonos LaneSan Diego92130-3572(858) 481-8221
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsFlorence PTAFlorence Elementary3914 First AvenueSan Diego92103-3089(619) 344-5900No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsDoyle Elementary PTADoyle Elementary3950 Berino CourtSan Diego92122-1601(858) 455-6230
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsFinney PTAFinney (Myrtle S.) Elementary3950 Byrd StreetSan Diego92154-1799(619) 690-1334
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsFay PTAFay Elementary4080 52nd StreetSan Diego92105-2209(619) 624-2600No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsMarie Curie Elementary PTACurie Elementary4080 Governor DriveSan Diego92122-2523(858) 221-5500
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsLindbergh Schweitzer Elementary PTALindbergh/Schweitzer Elementary4133 Mount Albertine AvenueSan Diego92111-3128(858) 605-1350
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsClairemont High School PTSAClairemont High4150 Ute DriveSan Diego92117-5853(858) 273-0201
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsJoyner Jaguar PTSAJoyner Elementary4271 Myrtle AvenueSan Diego92105-3426(619) 640-4000No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsDoris Miller Elementary PTAMiller Elementary4343 Shields StreetSan Diego92124-2933(858) 221-5200
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsAlice Birney PTABirney Elementary4345 Campus AvenueSan Diego92103-2406(619) 497-3500
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsCharles W. Cadman Elementary PTACadman Elementary4370 Kamloop AvenueSan Diego92117-4543(858) 397-6500No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsEugene Field Elementary PTAField Elementary4375 Bannock AvenueSan Diego92117-2810(858) 800-5900
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsHoover High PTAHoover High4474 El Cajon BoulevardSan Diego92115-4312(619) 344-4500
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsFranklin Elementary PTAFranklin Elementary4481 Copeland AvenueSan Diego92116-4802(619) 344-3000No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsLouisa May Alcott PTAAlcott Elementary4680 Hidalgo AvenueSan Diego92117-2503(858) 273-3415
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsSequoia Elementary PTASequoia Elementary4690 Limerick AvenueSan Diego92117-3220(619) 605-1800
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsOcean Beach Elementary PTAOcean Beach Elementary4741 Santa Monica AvenueSan Diego92107-2297(619) 223-1631
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsHawthorne Elementary PTAHawthorne Elementary4750 Lehrer DriveSan Diego92117-1358(858) 634-5701No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsWebster Academy of Science and Research PTSAWebster Elementary4801 Elm StreetSan Diego92102-1354(619) 362-3000
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsIbarra Iguanas PTAIbarra Elementary4877 Orange AvenueSan Diego92115-4947(619) 641-5400No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsOliver Wendell Holmes Elementary PTAHolmes Elementary4902 Mount Ararat DriveSan Diego92111-3808(858) 496-8110
OUT-9 CouncilOcean View Hills PTAOcean View Hills4919 Del Sol BoulevardSan Diego92154-8488(619) 661-0457
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsLanguage Academy PTSALanguage Academy4961 64th StreetSan Diego92115-2602(619) 287-1182
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsCreative, Performing, & Media Arts PTSACreative Performing and Media Arts5050 Conrad AvenueSan Diego92117-1401(858) 800-5550
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsAlonzo E. Horton Elementary School PTSAHorton Elementary5050 Guymon StreetSan Diego92102-3734(619) 344-3700No Data
North Coastal Council of PTAsSage Canyon School PTASage Canyon5290 Harvest Run DriveSan Diego92130-4875(858) 481-7844
North Coastal Council of PTAsSycamore Ridge PTASycamore Ridge5333 Old Carmel Valley RoadSan Diego92130-2650(858) 755-1060
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsEdward L. Hardy Elementary PTAHardy Elementary5420 Montezuma RoadSan Diego92115-1329(619) 582-0136
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsParadise Hills Elementary PTAParadise Hills Elementary5816 Alleghany StreetSan Diego92139-1799(619) 344-5200No Data
North Coastal Council of PTAsPacific Trails Middle School PTSAPacific Trails Middle5975 Village Center Loop RoadSan Diego92130-2499(858) 350-0253
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsJohn Spreckels Elementary PTASpreckels Elementary6033 Stadium StreetSan Diego92122-3399(858) 453-5377
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsPacific View Leadership Elementary PTAPacific View Leadership Elementary6196 Childs AvenueSan Diego92139-3612(619) 430-1600No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsPhoebe A. Hearst Elementary PTAHearst Elementary6230 Del Cerro BoulevardSan Diego92120-4604(619) 583-5704
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsBenchley/Weinberger Elementary PTABenchley/Weinberger Elementary6269 Twin Lake DriveSan Diego92119-3051(619) 463-9271
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsPerry PTAPerry Elementary6290 Oriskany RoadSan Diego92139-1142(619) 479-4040
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsWilliam H. Standley Middle PTSAStandley Middle6298 Radcliffe DriveSan Diego92122-3330(858) 605-2100
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsHenry Clay Elementary PTAClay Elementary6506 Solita AvenueSan Diego92115-4244(619) 344-5700
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsFoster Elementary PTAFoster Elementary6550 51st StreetSan Diego92120-2794(619) 510-4100
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsRolando Park Panthers PTARolando Park Elementary6620 Marlowe DriveSan Diego92115-6740(619) 344-3600No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsLyman Judson Gage Elementary PTAGage Elementary6811 Bisby Lake AvenueSan Diego92119-1918(619) 463-0202
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsBethune K-8 PTSABethune K-86835 Benjamin Holt RoadSan Diego92114-7827(619) 267-2271
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsSamuel F.B. Morse High PTSAMorse High6905 Skyline DriveSan Diego92114-5928(619) 262-0763
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsUniversity City High PTSAUniversity City High6949 Genesee AvenueSan Diego92122-2455(858) 605-2800
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsDaniel Boone Elementary PTABoone Elementary7330 Brookhaven RoadSan Diego92114-7115(619) 344-6000
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsChesterton Elementary PTAChesterton Elementary7335 Wheatley StreetSan Diego92111-5824(858) 496-8070
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsFletcher Elementary PTAFletcher Elementary7666 Bobolink WaySan Diego92123-3701(858) 496-8100No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsJonas Salk Elementary PTAJonas Salk Elementary7825 Flanders DriveSan Diego92126-3449(858) 935-2100
Palomar Council of PTAsPark Village Elementary PTAPark Village Elementary7930 Park Village RoadSan Diego92129-3781(858) 484-5621
Palomar Council of PTAsMesa Verde Middle PTSAMesa Verde Middle8375 Entreken WaySan Diego92129-4405(858) 538-5478
Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAsJuarez-Lincoln Elementary PTAJuarez-Lincoln Elementary849 Twining AvenueSan Diego92154-2599(619) 690-9222
Palomar Council of PTAsAdobe Bluffs Elementary PTAAdobe Bluffs Elementary8707 Adobe Bluffs DriveSan Diego92129-4448(858) 538-8403
South Bay Council of PTAsHoward Pence Elementary PTAHoward Pence Elementary877 Via Tonga CourtSan Diego92154-2256(619) 662-8100No Data
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsWangenheim Middle School PTSAWangenheim Middle9230 Gold Coast DriveSan Diego92126-3799(619) 605-2250
Palomar Council of PTAsSunset Hills Elementary PTASunset Hills Elementary9291 Oviedo StreetSan Diego92129-2199(858) 484-1600
Palomar Council of PTAsBlack Mountain Middle School PTSABlack Mountain Middle9353 Oviedo StreetSan Diego92129-2198(858) 484-1300
Palomar Council of PTAsMt. Carmel High School PTSAMt. Carmel High9550 Carmel Mountain RoadSan Diego92129-2799(858) 484-1180
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsWillard B. Hage Elementary PTAHage Elementary9750 Galvin AvenueSan Diego92126-4823(858) 566-0273
San Diego Unified Council of PTAsNye Elementary PTANye Elementary981 Valencia ParkwaySan Diego92114-6574(619) 430-1200No Data
South Bay Council of PTAsGeorge Nicoloff Elementary PTAGeorge Nicoloff Elementary1777 Howard AvenueSan Ysidro92173-1235(619) 428-1605No Data
OUT-9 CouncilSmythe PTASmythe Elementary1880 Smythe AvenueSan Ysidro92173-1599(619) 428-4447
OUT-9 CouncilLa Mirada PTALa Mirada Elementary222 Avenida de la MadridSan Ysidro92173-1508(619) 428-4424
OUT-9 CouncilWillow School PTAWillow Elementary226 Willow RoadSan Ysidro92173-3096(619) 428-2231
OUT-9 CouncilSunset Elementary PTASunset Elementary3825 Sunset LaneSan Ysidro92173-3334(619) 428-1148
OUT-9 CouncilSan Ysidro Middle School PTSASan Ysidro Middle4345 Otay Mesa RoadSan Ysidro92173-1623(619) 428-5551
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsSycamore Canyon Elementary PTASycamore Canyon Elementary10201 Settle RoadSantee92071-1099(619) 956-5400
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsCajon Park Elementary PTSACajon Park Elementary10300 Magnolia AvenueSantee92071-1704(619) 956-2400
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsChet F. Harritt Elementary PTAChet F. Harritt Elementary8120 Arlette StreetSantee92071-3513(619) 258-4800
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsWest Hills High School PTSAWest Hills High8756 Mast BoulevardSantee92071-2046(619) 956-0400
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsPRIDE Academy PTAPRIDE Academy at Prospect Avenue9303 Prospect AvenueSantee92071-3798(619) 956-5200
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsCarlton Hills School PTACarlton Hills Elementary9353 Pike RoadSantee92071-2515(619) 258-3400
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsCarlton Oaks Elementary PTACarlton Oaks Elementary9353 Wethersfield RoadSantee92071-2354(619) 956-4500
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsRio Seco School PTSARio Seco Elementary9545 Cuyamaca StreetSantee92071-2674(619) 956-5500
Tierra Del Sol Council of PTAsHill Creek School PTSAHill Creek Elementary9665 Jeremy StreetSantee92071-2836(619) 956-5000
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsSantana High PTSASantana High9915 North Magnolia AvenueSantee92071-1903(619) 956-0211
North Coastal Council of PTAsEarl Warren Middle School PTSAEarl Warren Middle155 Stevens StreetSolana Beach92075-2038(858) 755-1558No Data
North Coastal Council of PTAsSolana Beach Elementary PTASkyline Elementary606 Lomas Santa Fe DriveSolana Beach92075-1400(858) 794-3600No Data
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsSTEAM Academy @ La Presa PTSAScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math Academy at La Presa1001 Leland StreetSpring Valley91977-4819(619) 668-5720
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsSweetwater Springs Elementary PTASweetwater Springs Elementary10129 Austin DriveSpring Valley91977-6903(619) 668-5895
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsCasa de Oro Elementary PTACasa de Oro Elementary10227 Ramona DriveSpring Valley91977-1720(619) 668-5715
OUT-9 CouncilCollege Prep M.S. PTSACollege Preparatory Middle10269 Madrid WaySpring Valley91977-1928(619) 303-2782
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsLoma Elementary PTALoma Elementary10355 Loma LaneSpring Valley91978-1517(619) 668-5862
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsHighlands Elementary PTAHighlands Elementary3131 South Barcelona StreetSpring Valley91977-3003(619) 668-5780
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsMonte Vista High PTSAMonte Vista High3230 Sweetwater Springs BoulevardSpring Valley91977-6934(619) 660-3000
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsSpring Valley Academy PTSASpring Valley Academy3900 Conrad DriveSpring Valley91977-1437(619) 668-5750
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsLa Presa Elementary PTALa Presa Elementary519 La Presa StreetSpring Valley91977-6011(619) 668-5790
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsKempton Street Literacy Academy PTAKempton Street Literacy Academy740 Kempton StreetSpring Valley91977-5017(619) 668-5870
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsAvondale Elementary PTAAvondale Elementary8401 Stansbury StreetSpring Valley91977-3737(619) 668-5880
Foothills Secondary Council of PTAsMount Miguel PTSAMount Miguel High8585 Blossom LaneSpring Valley91977-3765(619) 664-8400
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsBancroft Community School PTABancroft Elementary8805 Tyler StreetSpring Valley91977-3336(619) 668-5890
Mt. Helix Council of PTAsRancho Elementary PTARancho Elementary8845 Noeline AvenueSpring Valley91977-5716(619) 668-5885
Vista Unified Council of PTAsVista High PTSAVista High1 Panther DriveVista92084-3101(760) 726-5611
Vista Unified Council of PTAsBreeze Hill Elementary PTABreeze Hill Elementary1111 Melrose WayVista92083-6505(760) 945-2373
Vista Unified Council of PTAsHannalei Elementary PTAHannalei Elementary120 Hannalei DriveVista92083-7625(760) 631-6248
Vista Unified Council of PTAsFoothill Oak Elementary PTAFoothill Oak Elementary1370 Oak DriveVista92084-4001(760) 631-3458
Vista Unified Council of PTAsVista Magnet Middle School PTAVista Magnet Middle School of Technology, Science, and Math151 Civic Center DriveVista92084-6035(760) 726-5766
Vista Unified Council of PTAsVista Visions PTSAVista Visions Academy1575 Bonair DriveVista92084-3572(760) 724-4785
Vista Unified Council of PTAsRancho Buena Vista High PTSARancho Buena Vista High1601 Longhorn DriveVista92081-5423(760) 727-7284
Vista Unified Council of PTAsMonte Vista Elementary PTAMonte Vista Elementary1720 Monte Vista RoadVista92084-7122(760) 726-0410
Vista Unified Council of PTAsBobier Elementary PTABobier Elementary220 West Bobier DriveVista92083-1903(760) 724-8501
Vista Unified Council of PTAsRancho Minerva PTARancho Minerva Middle2245 Foothill DriveVista92084-6035(760) 631-4500
Vista Unified Council of PTAsCasita Center PTACasita Center for Science/Math/Technology260 Cedar DriveVista92083-5108(760) 724-8442
Vista Unified Council of PTAsBeaumont Elementary PTABeaumont Elementary550 Beaumont DriveVista92084-6321(760) 726-4040
Vista Unified Council of PTAsGrapevine Elementary PTAGrapevine Elementary630 Grapevine RoadVista92083-5599(760) 724-8329
Vista Unified Council of PTAsMaryland Elementary PTAMaryland Elementary700 North AvenueVista92084-2906(760) 631-6675
Vista Unified Council of PTAsVista Innovation and Design Academy PTAVista Innovation and Design Academy740 Olive AvenueVista92083-3396(760) 724-7115


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