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How to talk to Your Kids About Vaping

Vaping Guide pdf

Although it has been around for over a decade, vaping’s popularity exploded in 2017, taking many families, schools and healthcare providers by surprise. Vaping, or Juuling as it is often referred to by teens and young adults (named after a popular vape device called JUUL), is the inhaling and exhaling of an aerosol produced by using a vape device.

For every story or article touting the benefits of vaping, there are an equal number raising concerns about the risks of vaping, especially for teens and young adults. Click the icon to the right to download a guide intended to help you understand what vaping is, its appeal to youth and what research has to say about both the risks and unknowns, due to the lack of long-term vaping studies.

Live Well San Diego 

Live Well San Diego is the County of San Diego’s vision for a region that is Building Better HealthLiving Safely and Thriving. It aligns the efforts of individuals, organizations and government to help all 3.3 million San Diego County residents live well. Please click here to see the August report which includes lots of great Safe Routes to School Information.

School Attendance is Important

Click the flyers below to download a copy to distribute.

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