Leadership Resources

A big part of why PTA matters is because we have a safety net of human resources. If a PTA/PTSA needs help, training, or other assistance and is part of a council, contact the council leadership for additional help (click here ninthdistrictpta.org/pta-general-information/units-councils/ to find the appropriate council). If the PTA/PTSA is an out of council association, contact Ninth District PTA (858) 268-8077 or office@ninthdistrictpta.org.

Tips & Tricks (Oct. 2020)

What has to be done for your PTA to remain in good standing? How do I sign up new members? Can I get help filing taxes? What are ideas to get us started when we can’t do “traditional” PTA events?  Get answers to these questions and more by reviewing our Tips and Tricks!  ¡En español también!

Training Opportunities

On June 6, 2020, Ninth District PTA hosted its first ever webinars. In July and August, 2020, California State PTA hosted a series of “leadership academy” webinars.  Let us know if you have questions after reviewing ANY of these webinars by emailing leadership@ninthdistrictpta.org or contacting our office.

*Please note: You may need to register to view the video recordings.

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President Training – Learn the job responsibilities of the unit president and tips on how to build your team. President training Video (June 2020)

Treasurer Training – Learn how to be a unit treasurer. Treasurer Training Video (June 2020)

Tax Filing Help – A step-by-step video on how to file the required returns. (October 2020)

Auditor Training – Learn how a unit auditor should do their job.  Auditor Training Video (June 2020)

The handouts for Auditor Training are here Auditor Handouts (June 2020)

Secretary Training – Learn the responsibilities of the secretary.  Secretary Training Video (June 2020)

I’m a PTA Board member, What do I need to know? General information all board members and committee chairs should know, what are the different types of meetings we should be holding, what are the 3 PTA basics we all need to follow? Great refresher for a long time leader as well as a great place for a new leader to start their PTA education. (CAPTA July 2020)

Membership Basics: This workshop will cover membership basics and more.  You will learn effective marketing and goal setting.  We’ll share tips to get the most from your membership campaign and exchange ideas and focus on ways to increase membership, participation and volunteerism at your local PTA. (CAPTA July 2020)

Programs – Learn how to create programs, find free resources and participate in California State PTA and National PTA programs, even in a pandemic! Programs Training Video (June 2020)

Programs handouts Programs Handouts (June 2020)

Fundraising: Learn the dos and don’ts of fundraising for your PTA, then brainstorm some new ideas.  (CAPTA August 2020)

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Seminario para el Presidente – Conozca las responsabilidades laborales del presidente de la unidad. También le daremos consejos sobre cómo formar su equipo. Este seminario se presentará solo en español. 

Seminario para el Tesorero – Aprenda a ser el tesorero de su unidad, incluyendo lo que necesita saber para prepararse para el otoño. Este seminario se presentará solo en español.