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Ninth District Early Bird Challenge! 

Congratulations to the 132 Units that have met the challenge so far!

Councils and Out of Council Units remittance must be received by noon on October 20, 2020 to the Ninth District office to be an Early Bird. If you are in a Council and need help finding out what date you need to remit to your Council, contact the Ninth District office at (858) 268-8077 or email .

Early Bird Award winners will be honored in the Ninth District PTA newsletter! We will continue to track these units’ progress from that point on until March 1, 2021, announcing their membership numbers each month in the newsletter and on the website. The unit with the greatest increase in total members from the 2019-20 year total by March 1, 2021 will be the grand winner of the membership challenge for Ninth District PTA. That unit will be awarded an article, with photo, about their unit in the newsletter, certificate for their accomplishment, and cash prize! 

 All TOTEM memberships as well as memberships remitted by your treasurer count in this challenge! 

Click here to view the PTA Membership Toolbox.

Click here to sign up your PTA for the electronic membership tool TOTEM.

Click here for customizable membership fliers

Your support of PTA is more important now than ever!

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In these troubled times, we must remember that life as we knew it will return, and we are all in this together. PTA MEMBERSHIP allows you to stay involved with your school and neighborhood community, and keeps you informed & updated on legislation important to all children!  

Everyone can join – please reach out to neighbors, parents, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings…and you can join as many PTAs as you want to!  

Need help signing up for TOTEM, talking about membership strategies, membership questions….contact Betsy Mueller, Ninth District Vice President – Member Services Director, call/text at (619)838-1500 cellular OR at . 

Fall 2020 Membership Campaign – PTA for Your Child

To assist with your Fall 2020 Membership Drive, we wanted to bring to your attention the New Membership Campaign Tools that the National PTA has placed on the homepage of their website at PTA.ORG. It is a well thought out campaign that includes an implementation training video. Consider taking a look to see if it would help grow your unit membership numbers this year! Click here to easily access the New Membership Campaign!

Here is a statement from National PTA about the campaign….

Our new membership campaign—PTA For Your Child—is designed to engage and excite new members and existing members by making the work of the PTA more visible and highlighting the value and impact of PTA. To bolster your membership recruitment activities, we have developed a suite of materials, including a campaign toolkit that outlines how to effectively communicate the value of PTA membership, a suite of dynamic visuals and collateral materials, and a campaign rollout checklist.

National PTA

For questions or if you need assistance, please email or call Betsy Mueller, Ninth District PTA – Vice President, Member Services Director at 619-838-1500 cellular or email at

Electronic Memberships via Totem

Looking for an additional tool for easy access to Joining a PTA?
And renewal of memberships, add TOTEM as an additional way to pay for a membership to your PTA! Place it on your PTA and school website! Here are answers to some of the most important questions about TOTEM….

Is this the only way we can collect membership?

NO, use ALL of your resources to sign up members! Please use envelopes, websites, and TOTEM.

How much will it cost?

There is no cost for a local unit to use the system. Each member that joins using the electronic membership system will pay a $1 convenience fee per membership. This will cover all the processing fees and other costs of the system. This dollar will be paid by the member and it is added onto the membership dues so it will not reduce the portion of dues deposited in the local PTA unit bank account.

Can a unit opt out of using the donation part of the program to avoid the 5% fee?

TOTEM can set up an account to eliminate offering the donation options to members. We believe that offering donations here will increase overall donation amounts to units because of the ease of to donate, and that the 5% fee will be outweighed by the increased donations. Also, TOTEM is working on giving members the option to the pay the 5% in the near future to allow your units to keep 100% of the donations amount.

Does the auto renew occur at the beginning of the school year or one year from purchase date?

California State PTA’s membership year is July 1 to June 30. An auto renew notice will be sent to the members the last week in June and auto renew will occur near July 1 (depending on holidays).
Bulk upload this year’s members to make sure they receive an automatic renewal message. New bulk upload feature on TOTEM! Now you can upload all your members into the e-membership system and have one source for all your membership information. You can do it yourself with the Google sheet and FAQs from TOTEM, or for a small fee, TOTEM can set it up for you. All members in the system will receive renewal notices to make joining your PTA easier.

For TOTEM FAQs….click! For how Accounting of TOTEM memberships work….click!

Need assistance with this? Call/text/email Betsy Mueller, Ninth District Vice President-Member Services Director, at or cellular (619) 838-1500.

California State PTA Resources For Leaders and Member

Online Toolkit


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