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Your support of PTA is more important than ever! In these troubled times, we must remember that life as we knew it will return, and we are all in this together. PTA membership allows you to stay involved with your school and neighborhood community, and keeps you informed & updated on legislation important to all children!  Everyone can join PTA. Please reach out to neighbors, parents, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and siblings.  

New 2021 Mid-year Membership Campaign FAST & FURIOUS 15!

Fast and Furious 15: A chance for FIVE PTA units to win FIFTY BUCKS!

January 1st – February 15th: Remit 15 new members through channels to Ninth District PTA for your chance to win $$$. All units who meet this goal will be entered in a drawing for one of FIVE $50 prizes for their unit and each unit that remits fifteen members through channels by February 15th will be recognized during the Ninth District PTA Annual Meeting Founders Day! Remember that anyone can be a member of a PTA!  Ask your school staff, teachers, grandparents, neighbors, aunts, uncles, friends and community members! All units may participate in this challenge…let’s make this happen!

Ideas for signing up new members….
  • Post your PTA membership link or PDF of membership form on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • Have a PTA Membership Sign-up Day during the months of January and February.
  • Ask the Principal to email parents the PTA membership link with a message about activities your school’s PTA supports.
  • Set up TOTEM for your PTA by clicking here.

Questions? Contact Betsy Mueller, Ninth District VP-Member Services Director at

Our Early Bird Membership Challenge CONTINUES! 

Below is the list of Early Bird Units that have already exceeded last year’s membership total!  These units are actively in the next phase of the membership challenge! All Early Bird Units have until March 2021 to exceed last year’s membership total for a chance to be the grand prize winner of the challenge.  The list below is as of Dec. 15th.

  • Grant School PTA – 354 members/177 members 2019-20
  • Edward L. Hardy Elementary PTA – 137 members/35 members 2019-20 
  • West Hills High School PTSA – 245 members/162 members 2019-20       
  • Grapevine Elementary PTA – 145 members/63 members 2019-20   
  • Rancho Buena Vista High PTSA – 139 members/64 members 2019-20   
  • Vista La Mesa Elementary PTA – 63 members/15 members 2019-20    
  • Oak Valley Middle School PTSA – 246 members/201 members 2019-20    
  • Corky McMillin Elementary PTA -74 members/29 members 2019-20    
  • Alamosa Park Elementary PTA – 77 members/40 members 2019-20   
  • Rancho Minerva PTA – 56 members/35 members 2019-20                 
  • Northmont Elementary PTA – 68 members/15 members 2019-20    
  • Adobe Bluffs Elementary PTA – 136 members/116 members 2019-20     
  • IDEA Center High School PTSA – 39 members/24 members 2019-20      
  • Harding PTA – 31 members/17 members 2019-20                                   
  • Conway Elementary PTA – 110 members/98 members 2019-20            
  • Castle Park Elementary PTA – 35 members/25 members 2019-20      
  • Beaumont Elementary PTA – 59 members/50 members 2019-20         
  • Sherman Academy PTA – 55 members/46 members 2019-20                      

Need membership campaign ideas?

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Electronic Membership with TOTEM!

TOTEM, the electronic membership system, is an additional way to collect memberships. Units, councils and districts are not required to use the new system, but we encourage you to check it out. Click here to learn more about TOTEM or to follow the easy set-up guide. PTAs can continue to collect and remit membership as you always have.

If you need help signing up for TOTEM, talking about membership strategies, or have general membership questions, please contact Betsy Mueller, Ninth District Vice President – Member Services Director, Call/text at (619)838-1500 or email . 

  • Is this the only way we can collect memberships? No, use ALL of your resources to sign up members! Please use envelopes, websites, and TOTEM.
  • How much will it cost? There is no cost for a local unit to use the system. Each member that joins using the electronic membership system will pay a $1 convenience fee per membership. This will cover all the processing fees and other costs of the system. This dollar will be paid by the member and it is added onto the membership dues. It will not reduce the portion of dues deposited in the local PTA unit bank account.
  • Can a unit opt out of using the donation part of the program to avoid the 5% fee? TOTEM can set up an account to eliminate offering the donation options to members. We believe that offering donations here will increase overall donation amounts to units because of the ease of to donate, and that the 5% fee will be outweighed by the increased donations. TOTEM is working on giving members the option to the pay the 5% in the near future to allow your units to keep 100% of the donations amount.
  • Does the auto renew occur at the beginning of the school year or one year from purchase date? California State PTA’s membership year is July 1 to June 30. An auto renew notice will be sent to the members the last week in June and auto renew will occur near July 1 (depending on holidays). Bulk upload this year’s members to make sure they receive an automatic renewal message. New bulk upload feature on TOTEM! Now you can upload all your members into the e-membership system and have one source for all your membership information. You can do it yourself with the Google sheet and FAQs from TOTEM, or for a small fee, TOTEM can set it up for you. All members in the system will receive renewal notices to make joining your PTA easier.

California State PTA Resources For Leaders and Members

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