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Membership Drive 2019-20

As your unit begins the 2019-20 membership drive, here are the important goals for this year…

  • Be an Early Bird Award winner! Councils and Out of Council Units must remit by noon on Friday, October 18, 2019 to the Ninth District office to be an Early Bird.  If you are in a council and need help finding out what date you need to remit to your Council, contact the Ninth District office at (858)268-8077 or email  Each Early Bird Unit will be entered in a drawing for a prize of a 2020 Ninth District Founders Day ticket!  We will have a total of THREE Winners of this drawing! 
  • The GOAL for the year for each unit is to reach 5% more members based on your school enrollment.  

    Here is how this would work….this would be calculated based on enrollment/membership at each school (i.e. if a school’s enrollment is 500 students and there are 100 members then the membership is 20% therefore their membership goal would be 25% for the 2019-2020 school year and would be 125 members).  If you are wondering what your school’s enrollment is or what membership number you are trying to get to, we can help you get these numbers.

As your membership campaigns begin and you have questions or need ideas, please feel free to contact Betsy Mueller at  or by phone/text at (619) 838-1500.

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