Role of the PTA Historian

A key part of the PTA historian's role is to raise awareness about the achievements, success and legacy of PTA in your community.

What the Historian does:

  • Captures and keeps a record of their unit's activities and successes
  • Collects and adds up their unit's volunteer hours, on a regular basis
  • Showcases their unit's success at PTA meetings, events and activities
  • Shares their unit's history and legacy of PTA as a leading voice for all children

Ways to get started:

  • Look through last term's procedure book and historical materials and start your own procedure book
  • Brainstorm ideas to plan how and when you'll showcase your PTA's success (Founders Day is often a key date)
  • Publicize why and how you'll collect everyone's volunteer hours for PTA meetings, activities and events during the year
  • Review the PTA Unit – Annual Historian Report Form Ideas for capturing & keeping records
  • Make a PTA Scrapbook
  • Make a video of some of your events
  • Take pictures and display them
  • Make a PTA slide show or loop video to play at events and/or before meetings
  • for a PTA bulletin board in the school's multipurpose room, office or other common space
  • Create a historian page on your unit website
  • Use poster board to display photos, clippings and memorabilia
  • Convert hours into money and present a symbolic check to your Principal at a school or PTA event
  • Share your ideas and successes with your Council, District and State PTA organizations

Links for Historian Reports

Historian Report from Councils and Out-of-Council Units will be due to Ninth District Historian by May 1, 2024

Historian Volunteer Tally Sheet - Volunteer Tally Sheet

Questions or want more information, please contact historian@ninthdistrictpta.org

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