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The California State PTA has been actively advocating to raise the voice of children and families as we struggle to beat this pandemic, protect the health and wellness of children and families and get our kids back to school in person in a safe and responsible manner.

Beginning in March, we have written numerous letters to our state and federal leaders providing input supporting children and families in all COVID relief packages and programs. We have conducted Voter Voice campaigns to engage all of our PTA members in advocating directly to their legislators. We have developed a leadership resource page in order to keep our members up to date with relevant and accurate information. Most recently, the California State PTA has issued a call to the governor to adopt 10 key recommendations for the timely and safe reopening of schools. Please review and employ these tools to support your advocacy efforts in your schools and school districts.

California State PTA
Current Legislative Updates
California Legislative Information

The California State Legislature has a helpful website to find the status of bills. You can find bills using the following criteria: status, author, committee or floor location, and date ranges for various legislative actions on a bill.

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