San Diego STEM Collaboratory

San Diego STEM Collaboratory’s mission is to help San Diego County prepare California’s most STEM-capable graduates. We envision a time when San Diego’s innovation economy is fueled with STEM talent developed in the local K-16 educational pipeline.

San Diego STEM Collaboratory invites collaborators to amplify K-16 STEM learning opportunities and increase public understanding and support around the urgency of STEM both in and out of school. Our partners are San Diego’s public and private schools and organizations in education and industry. Each partner is vested in the creativity, innovation, and STEM solutions for 21st century learners and the development and use of metrics to track our progress.

Our goals are to:

    • Bring the San Diego STEM players together
    • Provide tools and resources to foster effective collaborations
    • Measure regional reach and progress in STEM education based on a set of standard metrics
    • Develop San Diego as a leader in STEM workforce readiness in California and the United States

The San Diego STEM Collaboratory is a Regional Alliance Partner of the California STEM Learning Network.



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