Questions?? Where to Look for Answers!

When questions or situations arise – and they will – where should a PTA leader go for answers and guidance?

Your association bylaws

Student asking question clipartNot the council, district, state or national bylaws. YOUR bylaws are unique to your PTA and should be the first place to check. These are the rules by which your PTA should be operating.

  1. Article IV – Membership and Dues
    1. Section 4 notes the amount to collect from each member.
    2. Sections 7 and 8 provide information of when remittances shall be made.
  2. Article V – Officers and Their Election
    1. Section 2 notes the elected and appointed officers of your PTA.
    2. Section 11 provides direction on how to fill an officer vacancy.

The California State PTA Toolkit

Whether you have the print version or use the on-line version, this document has the very best practices for PTAs to follow.

  1. In addition to best practices, there are job descriptions for many PTA positions – officers and chairmen of committees.
  2. All forms are in the Forms chapter.

If these two documents don’t provide a solution, begin using the human resources at your disposal. Contact your council PTA leaders, if your PTA is a member of a council. If your PTA is out of council, Ninth District PTA is your human resource. Contact Ninth District PTA at 858-268-8077 or and you will be referred to the PTA leader who can help.

Remember that the solution you want may not be the best one or the correct one. Council and district PTA leaders will provide you with options that protect the association and its leaders.

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