A message from Ninth District PTA President, Colleen Hervey

Welcome to Ninth District PTA, serving the children and families in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

As we navigate distance learning and new state health requirements, PTAs can continue to be the bridge for communication between school sites and parents. Now is the time to strengthen and nurture relationships with your principal, teachers and superintendents. Find your school and/or school district information here: school finder tool 

PTA continues to do the work that was begun over 123 years ago. Our mission remains the same, “To positively impact the lives of all children and families.”

Unsure how to operate during these unprecedented times? Please share your concerns with us. As your Ninth District PTA leaders, we are here to help you. If there is information you need, we are available! Individual officer email contact information is here.  

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Together we are a strong advocacy voice for our children. Your voice matters!

Discover Together – Exploring the New Learning

Over the next few months California State PTA will launch the Discover Together campaign on its social media channels, newsletters, and through advertisements.

Discover Together clip art

You can help by sharing the Discover Together information with your PTA friends. You will find a message kit that local PTAs can use to help spread the word at the Discover Together landing page.

Together we can leverage the #DiscoverTogether campaign to deepen family and school partnerships and empower parents/guardians to get more involved to ensure student success in school.

Join us in the fun as we #DiscoverTogether.

New Leadership Resources Page

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A big part of why PTA matters is because we have a safety net of human resources. On June 6, 2020, Ninth District PTA hosted its first ever training webinars. Although we are still learning how to best present leadership training remotely, we think this is a good first step!

You can find recordings of the webinars, and handouts if available, on our new Leadership Resources page – ninthdistrictpta.org/leadership-resources

Join a PTA Now!

Your support of PTA is more important now than ever!

In these troubled times, we must remember that life as we knew it will return, and we are all in this together. PTA MEMBERSHIP allows you to stay involved with your school and neighborhood community, and keeps you informed & updated on legislation important to all children!

Everyone can join – please reach out to neighbors, parents, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings…and you can join as many PTAs as you want to!  

Click jointotem.com/ca to find a San Diego County PTA to join  or support California State PTA by joining Golden State PTA.