Family Engagement in Ninth District PTA

For January, assess your practices in meeting Standard 3 – Supporting Student Success.

Families and school staff should continuously collaborate to support students’ learning and healthy development both at home and at school, and have regular opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and skills to do so effectively.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Sharing information about student progress: Do families know and understand how well their children are succeeding in school and how well the entire school is progressing?
  • Ensuring parent-teacher communication about student progress:  For example, parents can contact teachers through e-mail, notes, or phone messages and receive a timely response. Teachers make contact with all families at the start of the year to establish positive relationships.
  • Linking student work to academic standards:  For example, teachers display students’ writing assignments to demonstrate how students used skills such as clear and concise language, proper spelling, and staying on the topic
  • Using standardized test results to increase achievement: For example, the principal explains at an informational meeting when and which standardized tests are given at which grade levels, and why the tests are being given.
  • Sharing school progress: For example, the principal or other school administrators host parent meetings for each grade or subject matter to present academic goals for the year and to solicit feedback.
  • Supporting Learning by Engaging Families: Are families active participants in their children’s learning at home and at school?
  • Engaging families in classroom learning. For example, grandparents discuss life under segregation during a lesson on civil rights.
  • Developing family ability to strengthen learning at home: For example, an expert is invited to give a presentation to help parents deal with the tough issues of raising teenagers.
  • Promoting after-school learning: For example, fliers about school-based as well as community-based programs are sent home with the student. E-mail, Web announcements, and phone calls in families’ home languages are also utilized.

    Click here to download the entire Family Engagement guide.

Family Engagement

Family Engagement acknowledges families as the first teachers of their children and realizes the integral role that families play in the total development of the child. The commission supports parents, guardians and family caregivers by:

  • Strengthening/teaching parenting skills and encouraging involvement in schools and at home
  • Supporting the understanding of childhood development stages
  • Providing resource materials such as Parents Empowering Parents – PEP Guide (Los Padres Eligen Participar).
  • Networking with agencies and groups focusing on parent involvement

California State PTA and the National PTA have developed a guide for Family-School Partnership that supports the LCFF and LCAP and focuses on the following six standards.

Click under each of the Standards below to assess your practices in meeting them.

Standard 1 – Welcoming All Families

Actions for making families feel welcomed, valued and connected to each other and the school.

Click Here to Learn More About Standard 1

Standard 2 – Communicating Effectively

The building blocks to effective communication between parents, schools and parent groups

Click Here to Learn More About Standard 2

Standard 3 – Supporting Student Success

Encouraging parent involvement to heighten student achievement

Click Here to Learn More About Standard 3

Standard 4 – Speaking Up for Every Child

Methods for becoming an effective advocate for children and their education

Click Here to Learn More About Standard 4

Standard 5 Sharing Power

Ways to share power between families, students, teachers, school staff and the community

Click Here to Learn More About Standard 5

Standard 6 – Collaborating With Community

Resources for connecting the school with the community

Click Here to Learn More About Standard 6
California State PTA Resources

Download the complete family-school assessment guide:



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