The January newsletter is here!

Our Ninth District PTA newsletter is full of great information! In the January issue PTA leaders will find all the latest highlights and support they need to start 2021 off right! This months highlights include:

  • Annual Meeting and Founders Day information
  • Fast and Furious 15 membership campaign
  • Parliamentary support
  • Nominating Committee guidelines
  • Treasurer Tips
  • 2021 Program Grant information
  • and so much more!

Join the NAACP for a Black History Month Presentation: The relationship of PTA and Black/African-American communities.

Please join the San Diego branch of the NAACP for a Black History Month presentation on February 4th at 6:00 p.m. This meeting will feature Anna King, President Elect of National PTA and Otha Thornton, 2013-2015 National PTA President. They will discuss the long association of PTA and Black/African-American communities, and shared values, priorities and goals of the NAACP and PTA. For more information or to register for zoom information, please visit the San Diego NAACP website.

Suicide Prevention 101 for Parents: Recognizing Signs and What to Do

Please join the California Department of Education, the Directing Change Program, and Teen Line for an informational webinar and Facebook Live event on January 27th from 5-6 p.m. This webinar will provide suicide prevention information for parents, including:

* Recognizing warning signs for suicide 

* How to have a conversation with your teen about your concerns 

* Actions to take if your teen is having suicidal thoughts 

* Tips and resources to support emotional and mental health during COVID-19 

* Information about raising resilient teens

Please register for the webinar here.

Ninth District Program Grants Now Available!

Ninth District PTA is offering Program Grants to unit and council PTAs in good standing to develop and implement programs and projects that support the PTA mission statement and goals.

Grants are available for programs in the following areas at the unit and council levels: health and welfare, parent and student education, and parent and student involvement. Ninth District PTA grants are a one-time funding source and individual grant awards will not exceed $800.

Requested paperwork must be completed and included for an application to be considered. The unit president must sign the unit’s application. The council president must sign the council’s application. The PTA applying for the grant must have association approval of the program.

Units or councils must submit grant applications to the Ninth District PTA office by noon on Friday, February 5, 2021. Postmarks will not be accepted. Applications may be hand-delivered, electronically submitted via email to, through this online application; or mailed via USPS to the Ninth District PTA office; facsimiles (FAX) will not be accepted. Ninth District PTA will not consider applications received after the deadline. Click HERE to go get more information and fill out the form.

La PTA del Noveno Distrito ofrece Subsidios de Programas a las PTAs de las unidades y consejos en buen estado para desarrollar e implementar programas y proyectos que apoyen la declaración de la misión y metas de la PTA.
Las subvenciones están disponibles para programas en las siguientes áreas a nivel de unidad y consejo: salud y bienestar, educación de padres y estudiantes, y participación de padres y estudiantes. Las subvenciones de la PTA del Noveno Distrito son una fuente de financiación única y las subvenciones individuales no excederán los 800 dólares.

Los documentos solicitados deben ser completados e incluidos para que una solicitud sea considerada. El presidente de la unidad debe firmar la solicitud de la unidad. El presidente del consejo debe firmar la solicitud del consejo. La PTA que solicita la subvención debe tener la aprobación de la asociación del programa.

Las unidades o consejos deben presentar las solicitudes de subvención a la oficina de la PTA del Noveno Distrito antes del mediodía del viernes 5 de febrero de 2021. No se aceptarán matasellos. Las solicitudes pueden ser entregadas en mano, enviadas electrónicamente por correo electrónico a, a través de esta solicitud en línea; o enviadas por correo a través de USPS a la oficina de la PTA del Noveno Distrito; no se aceptarán faxes (FAX). La PTA del Noveno Distrito no considerará las solicitudes recibidas después de la fecha límite. Haga clic AQUÍ para obtener más información y llenar el formulario.