Arts Education

DIY Family Art Lessons!

These projects are some of our art teachers’ favorites that can be done at home with your families.  We are providing these lessons in response to the Arts Education survey where you asked for ideas for projects to do with your children.  We will provide instructions, template if needed, and samples made by our Arts Ed committee members.

Workshop dates:

  • March 17 @ 6 p.m. “Anything Green” Family Art Night! More information coming soon!

ART Education Workshops for Parents!

These workshops are designed for adults to come together and do a relaxing art project while listening to or engaging in a presentation by a guest speaker.  The theme for this year’s workshop series is The Arts for Therapy and Resiliency during COVID.  The art project we do together on these evenings can be done later with children if you wish.

Workshop Dates:

Check back often for new workshop dates!

Enjoy our Workshop Gallery!

Bubble names and tree art for December!

Our November workshop was inspired by Henri Matisse!

October brought pumpkin inspired art!

My coping strategies shield

Noches de Educación Artística:

  • 17 de marzo a las 18 h

More about our workshops

The arts education workshops will be the base for building art capacity across the district. Meetings will be open to all PTA members, parents, students, principals, superintendents, community partners, stakeholders, specialists in the art field and others. A “hands-on” art lesson/project planned for each meeting.

(In person workshops will be based on SDCOE and COVID-19 health restrictions)

Future topics may include:

  • Distance learning art models
  • Building a volunteer-run art program through PTA
  • Curriculum sharing
  • Areas of focus: Elementary, Middle, High School lessons Create a bank of art lessons for use.
  • Multiple Mediums of Art
  • Arts advocacy
For more information on arts education please contact the Arts Committee Chair, Denae Senise at